Vik Coaching & Consulting assists entrepreneurs and small companies in their daily operation so that they can focus on doing more of what they do best.

VikC&C is a flexible, online coaching & consulting firm owned and run by Mari Louise Vik.

In my versatile projects I combine my background in Information Technology, business development and coaching with my passion for communication and development.

I am currently based in Stavanger, Norway.

Why Co-Operate With VikC&C?

My strength is knowledge and experience across complementing industries that when combined create a foundation for powerful, innovative solutions- Information Technology, Business Development and Coaching.

I take joy from​ supporting​ entrepreneurs and small businesses in their personal and professional development. If your business is passion-driven, I’m sure you’ve experienced that your personal and business development ​often overlap and reinforce each other.

I use all of the tools I’ve acquired in my diverse experience as an entrepreneur, a system and business developer and coach to support you in your business. Together we’ll create clarity around your goals, find the best way there and develop solutions that supports these goals.

I want to work with people in partnerships where we both ​feel ​we’re a good match.

To ensure a win-win situation, I offer easy and affordable ways for you to test-drive my services to see how they are​ of value to you.

I​f you think we might be a good fit, I would love to invite you for an informal meeting over coffee and learn more about who you are and what you need. From ​there​, we’ll see how I might support you and your business.

If you believe any of our services (below) could bring value to your business, I look forward to hearing from you in the contact form below!

Our Services

Are you more than busy enough just delivering your product or service, while those lingering administrative and technical tasks that you should get to gets pushed aside? Do you wish someone could just “be there” and help you with all of these tasks so you could just focus on what you do best? Let’s talk about how I might support you.

Set price as agreed.

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Do you need to develop English or Norwegian texts or do you need to translate Norwegian <-> English?

Set price as agreed.

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Could We Be a Good Match?

Say hi and let’s find out. I’ll get in touch and we’ll have an informal chat about where you’re at and what you need.

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